SonicX PRO in Canada: What is Price & Real Customer Reviews

Even if brushing teeth is an important task for oral health, most people find it to be a boring chore. The secret could be in the use of electric toothbrush which might make the process easier. Also, an electric toothbrush may prevent the damage on your gums with the ability to work gently. However, due to the availability of numerous such products, it might be harder for you to find the toothbrush which works for you. When making the final selection, you should probably look at the working mechanism and the ability for a proper electric toothbrush. Fortunately, I would like to introduce you to SonicX PRO which may make your teeth look cleaner. It comes with various brushing modes which are specially designed to clean, whiten and massage your teeth.

What is SonicX PRO?

It is a professional quality electric toothbrush which is specially been engineered to improve your oral health. It has four different brushing modes including clean, white, massage and milder. You can use the clean option for standard teeth brushing. The white mode can be used to get rid of stains or plaque buildup. Lastly, the milder and massage modes are beneficial for sensitive spots in your mouth. It also has a long lasting battery which ensures that you can use this electric toothbrush without worrying about power. Overall, it might prove to be the perfect option to enjoy the cleaning of your teeth.

What are the features of SonicX PRO?

Some of the excellent qualities of this electric toothbrush are mentioned below.

  • Portable – It can easily be charged using its USB charging point. It is designed to charge by using any devices including laptops and portable power banks through a standard USB charging head. Due to this, it might prove to be an ideal solution to use at home or on the go.
  • Waterproof – This electric toothbrush is IPX7 grade waterproof and has a durable design. Once you are finished brushing your teeth, it can be washed directly under the tap.
  • Vibrations – It uses powerful Sonic vibrations for cleaner and whiter teeth. The vibrations may create a strong cleaning force which makes it ideal for hard to reach areas of your mouth. It might also help you reach areas such as gaps and wisdom teeth.
  • Reminder – It has a smart zone reminder feature which allows it to remember and choose the mode that you select during the last use.
  • Modes – This toothbrush also features four brushing modes which can specifically be used to clean, whiten and massage your teeth. On top of that, it also a soft brushing option to gently cleanse the sensitive region of your teeth.
  • Lightweight – It is designed to be durable and lightweight which make it portable to carry anywhere you go. In addition, it is also simple to use due to the availability of one button to control every function.

What are the users saying about SonicX PRO?

Samuel from New Mexico writes, “I have long been searching for a powerful toothbrush which I could easily carry with me. Then, I came to know about SonicX PRO and decided to give it a try. I am glad that I made the decision because it has been very effective for me. After being fully charged, it lasts for a long duration and is also durable.”

Sharon from California says, “After a long search for an electric toothbrush, I came across SonicX PRO. Unlike other products, it can thoroughly be washed after its use and always left me with clean, fresh teeth.”

How to buy SonicX PRO?

You can purchase the electric toothbrush SonicX PRO from its official website.