ManPlus Vixea Reviews: Male Enhancement Price & Side Effects


Manplus Vixea is a potent male enhancer, supplement. With Vixea Manplus one can achieve better general execution, quality, and impact in the bed. It makes it possible to bring the energy, stamina, and happiness back in your sexual life. The sturdy composition of natural ingredients elevates testosterone levels. Testosterone does need any introduction it is the male hormone responsible for male performance. With age, the production of testosterone drops considerably. Vixea Man plus helps boost the production of testosterone thus bringing back the vigor, and energy in your sexual life. It helps increase libido; size, staying power and enhances your sexual confidence.  This supplement is made in an FDA approved facility within the USA and is GMP certified.

How does it work?

Vixea Manplus has ingredients that act on three aspects as in it is a triple action formula. It enhances sexual strength, size, and firmness of the member. It helps the body release more testosterone in the blood whereby improving complete sexual health, reducing fatigue and causing a surge in libido.

Man Plus Vixea stimulates the production of nitric oxide which in turn facilitates vasodilation and eases the flow of blood into the penile chambers helping in keeping the erection longer and firmer. It also helps the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction and increases sperm count.


-Increases size hardness and longevity of erections.

– Increases libido

– Intensifies orgasms

-Enhances sperm count and mobility

-Reduces stress and improves sexual confidence.

After a continued and regular usage of the VixeaManplus, the consumer may experience better and energetic performance in bed. His complete sexual health, size, hardness, stress and sexual confidence are addressed and improved. 



All the ingredients of VixeaManplus are sourced from nature and are certified organic.


Naturally triggers vasodilation and thus enhances blood flow to the penile chambers. It helps in achieving firmer erections for a longer stretch of time.

-Tongkat Ali Powder

It is a natural aphrodisiac, Tongkat helps enhance testosterone levels in the blood and stimulates libido, improves Sperm count and mobility.


A plant whose extract helps boost male hormone such as testosterone production. It gives a surge in sex drive and reduces age-related impotence. It helps alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Balances the level of male sexual hormones especially testosterone levels in the blood. Boosts sexual stamina and strength and reduces fatigue.

Side effects.

This product is made in GMP certified facility in the USA. Manufacturers follow highest standards of production and maintain quality. VixeaManplus is 100% organic. There are no known side effects of Manplus. Having said that, every supplement should be taken under able medical supervision.



The supplement is made in a GMP certified facility, but the supplement is not yet FDA approved. It is only available online.


Final verdict.

VixiaManplus is a powerful supplement that can assist you in your quest to better sexual life. Visibly it helps male performance by enhancing size and hardness of the male member. Physiologically it balances male hormone levels in the blood and increases libido. In a nutshell, it refines complete male sexual health.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase it from its website.

VixeaManplus has a 30-day money back guarantee.